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The call of the wild


1 Estrella3 Estrellas1 Estrella

Manuel2strangersstrangers (red sweater man)French-Canadian

Viajan en tren; viajan en tren; Perrault y François

Venden por: 100$; venden por: 300$

Scottish man 2 Americans

Low price; Hal and Charles


  • Tootsjapanish pug dog (doguillo)CA
  • Ysabel mexican hairless dog. CA
  • Curlya big and friendly newfoundland dog. She dies at C. 3.
  • Spitz a big and a white husky from Spitzbergen. He’s the Buck’s enemy.
  • Dave a moody and depressed husky.
  • Billeea friendly and a happy husky. Joe’s brother.
  • Joea moody and an aggressive husky.
  • Sol-leks an old fighter husky.
  • Pike a new dog, he teachs Buck how steals bacon.
  • Duba new dog. He tries to steal bacon. He dies the first at C. 11
  • Teek new last dog in the dogsled team.
  • Koona” ” ” ” ” ”
  • SkeetIrish setter.
  • Nighuge, black and friendly dog.
  • 1 Newfoundland he dies at C. 11
  • 3 Pointers short-haired. They die at C. 11
  • 2 mongrelsthey die at C. 11
  1. It’s 1987, he lives in Santa Clara, CA. Manuel, the gardener, steals Buck and sell him to two strangers (he travel in train.) The strangers sell Buck to a barman for 100$( he travels again)
  2. New owners (they’re dirty). One of them(the red sweater man), teach him “The Law of the Stick”. He is sold for 300$ to a foreign French-Canadian called Perrault. And another French-Canadian Indian man called François. He meets Curly. And they travel in a ship called The Narwhal and now are a mail carrier. He meets a husky called Spitz and Dave. Then they arrive Northland.
  3. Curly fights with other dog, and she dies. Now Buck knows “The Law of the Fang”. Buck learns how to pull the sleds. He meets two new dogs: Billee and Joe, both are brothers. And Sol-leks…
  4. He learns how survive in the cold Northland and how sleep (making holes under the ice). They begin to travel to Dyea Canyon. They arrive to a gold miner’s camp called Camp Lake Bennett. Later, they continue travelling and many times the have problems (Perrault make a path for the dogs). Buck learns to be faster than other dogs in the meal time. Also he learns how to steal more food from Perrault (he saw Pike doing this). He learns to survive in that harsh conditions (extra food, to dig a hole in the snow, to never run away in a fight, to work with the dogsled team)
  5. Buck’s skills get better. They make camp at Lake Le Barge. When is the dinner time, Buck dig a hole into the snow but he was starving and he must go to the food. When he arrives he finds Spitz in his place. Then they begin to fight but while they were fighting a pack of wolves attack them. They wanted to steal them food. All dogs run away to the forest. Joe loses an eye, Billee has a torn ear and dolly is bleeding at the throat.
  6. When the wolves had gone, Perrault put the harnesses. They arrived to the Thirty Mile River. After that they take six days to travel 30 miles. They are very tired, and in many occasions they fall into the ice. Later they arrived to Hootalinqua, there Buck is limp but François cares for him. Dolly begins to act strangely, so François kills her. Spitz takes advantage of the confusion and attacks Buck. One day Buck tries to save Dave from Spitz beginning a fight. Each time more furiously. They rest one week in Dawson, when they continue the trail, dave finds a rabbit and they pursue him. Then Spitz begins to fight against Buck. Then Spitz dies.
  7. François decides the new leader will be Sol-leks, but Buck turns against of this. So he begins to behave more jealously and François quarrels him. In that way, Buck is saying he wants to be the leader. So both men decide to give in. They buy new dogs at Rink Rapids, Teek and Koona and Buck teaches how to be better.
  8. The dogsled team arrives to Skagway. There, François sells them to a Scottish man, now he works as mail carrier in the busiest route. After an unhappy goodbye, Buck returns to Dawson. Buck begins a new heavy routine. Now he remembers his past life… an other hard trip is Youkon trail. In all entire winter they travel 1800 miles. All dogs suffer in owns ways…Billee cries in his sleeps, Joe becomes meaner each day, Sol-leks doesn’t want any other dogs near him, and Dave is very ill. He pulls the sled just before his died. The men shoot him.
  9. In Skagway, Buck is thinner than after, like other dogs. Pike’s front leg is hurt and he limps. Sol-leks also. Dub’s shoulder is hurt. They’re going to relax, but there’re many mails, so another dogsled team from Hudson Bay replaces them. But again the team is sold to others strange men. They are called Hal (20 years old) and Charles (middle-age, lucht and watery eyes). Buck looks at Mercedes (Charles’s wife and Hal’s sister), at the men and at the disorganised tent. The new owners load the sled in a disorderly fashion. Buck thinks it’s going to be hard.
  10. The sled is very heavy that because the dogs can’t move it. In many times, how Hal hasn’t many experiences he uses his whip. They travelled hardly only 100 yards until they lean over. So the dogs begin to run away…but some citizens catch them and gather up their equipment. The men are stubborn, but they take out the canned, the tent, and the clothes and buy six new dogs. Now they’re 14.
  11. Buck tries to teach to the new dogs, but it’s difficult. There is few food and the dogs are exhausted. Dub and the new dogs die. At Five Fingers an Indian offers to give them some food in exchange for Hal’s revolver. But it isn’t enough and now Buck isn’t a healthy dog (his fur is stiff, dull and matted with blood)…one day, Billee falls and Hal blows of with an axe. Koona also dies. There are only 5 dogs. The spring is coming when they arrive at a camp on the White River. It’s John Thornton’s camp. While they explain all events…John says them they are sillies…Hal, furiously, wants to go to Dawson. Then, he begins to beat the dogs. John can’t stand no more and he becomes the new Buck’s master. After that, the men go and fall into the icy water.
  12. With John, he meet Skeet and Nig. It’s the first time he’s happy there. John is a good master and Buck loves him. Despite he is a fighter dog and nobody has changed that…he’s too loyal. One day, John has a trouble with Burton, and Buck springs on him protecting his master. One year later, John is canoeing. His friends were shore, but suddenly the canoe lean over. Buck jumps after him, and he saves him. That probe the love Buck feels toward him.
  13. One day, John boasts Buck is the strongest dog. He bets than Buck can pull a sled of 450 Kg. they go outside because Matthewson have a sled of 500 Kg. John isn’t sure that Buck can. That because he ask 1000$ to his old friend Jim O’Brien. John prepares Buck and Matthewson rise the bet. Pete and Hans only have 200$.Buck is ready and he begins to pull the sled. First it’s slow but he exceeds the metre mark. Then Buck loves John.
  14. Thornton, Pete and Hans decide to fin “The Lost Gold Mine”. There’s a lot of gold but anyone can take it. They travel 70 miles until he arrived to Yukon. They travel for 2 months. In the autumn, they come to a country full of lakes. At the end of the winter, they arrive at a cabin but they don’t find anything (blankets, furniture and a gun). The spring comes and they don’t find “The Lost Cabin”. One day, in a stream they find a lot of gold. They full the sacks. His dream is a reference to his life, his Freedom, The Call of the Wild. One night, he wake up, and he goes into the forest…he meets with a howl. He chases until the howl look Buck like a friend. But then he remembers John, and he decides to be there, with him.
  15. Later, he begins to act like a wolf, sleep outside the camp, they look for wolfs….and he’s proud. One day he catch a bull, when he returns to the camp he sees all are dead because the Yeehats, an Indian tribe. He, sadly, runs away to the forest and he searches the wolves. He meet with them and he becomes a great wolf: “The Ghost Dog”

    Author: Jack London; Publishing company: MCgraw-Hill

    Genre: Narrative; Subgenus: Adventure story

Number of words: 112 HEADWORDS


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