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1. Long Boy

Addie Pray: 12 years old, born in Merengo County, Alabama. His mother died before his sixth birthday. Her dad, Moses or Long Boy, took care of her. Her father took her to his aunt in Anniston (250 Km north east of Merengo County). In his travel, his father sell his old truck and buy another with a full tank (200$). They let’s go on and when they arrived to another big city, Long Boy resells it. He sells it for 75$ and a driver who takes them on Walesburg.

2. Our victory in the Courthouse

Long boy was waiting for the policemen and Mr Hathaway’s visit. Suddenly they came into the room and shoot Moses and hit his daughter. Long Boy was in preventive detention for two days while Addis was with a policeman’s family. When it was Monday the judgment began and Long Boy defended himself without any lawyer. With his daughter crying because of her hurts, Long Boy obtained his victory when somebody called to the bank. And now he was going to sue Hathaway.

3. Long Boy’s business

Mr Hathaway was scared because he didn’t want Long Boy sue him. He went to excuse, but he had to give a big car. When they were traveling Addis was disappointed with her situation, she didn’t want to go to her aunt’s house. Soon, she discovered she could convince her father crying. She began to accompany her father in the business, and with this, she began to defraud people.

4. Trixie Delight

They went to Cullman because they want to visit the fair. She was very lucky because his father gives her a lot of money. While the father was in the Sultan’s Harem, Addie was looking at the fair. Before they left, Long Boy announced her he was going to take a woman with them. She was called Trixie Delight. She looked pretty but Addie hated her. She had what she wanted with only a smile.

5. The exchange

One day Long Boy bought an open roof car to her. Addie got angry because of that, so she decided to get rid of her. When they were to Montgomery, Trixie and Long Boy went out, while Addie prepared a date with Floyd, the receptionist’s hotel who felt in love with her. She gave her the chocolates and the note and Trixie went to see him at 9:45 claiming that she had a headache. Then, Addie told it her father and he became angry. At that moment, they left the hotel without Trixie. It was a difficult time because there wasn’t any money, so they began to do business, but with a yellow sport car it was easy to follow them.

6. Hardin’s Whisky

They went to Winston. They stayed at a hotel. Addie saw the receptionist man and she thought he was a bad man. She told her father and they discovered he was a bootlegger. They stole him twenty boxes of whisky and left the boxes in a field. Long Boy went to do business with him and he planned on selling at seven in the morning for 25 dollars per box. Addie was sitting on the stairs and she heard Hardin’s conversation with someone. She must to tell her father Hardin was going to treason them because his brother, a policeman, was going to put them in prison.

7. The escape

They run away to the main road, then the Hardin’s brother caught them and he founded two bottles of whisky. So he took to an old building and he interrogated him. Addie, who always brought another car’s key, gave it to her father, and then they ran away and left the city. They found a small house with an old truck and a man. He let them to stay in his house.

8. The cotton market

Long Boy changed his car for the man’s old truck and some bales of cotton. Then they changed their clothes and put their bags and the bales of cotton in the back of the truck. They drove hours to Tennessee and stopped at a hotel. Addie was sitting in the reception area when she saw a letter. It was from Colonel Culpepper’s business. She took it him and he gave a cake. Then she told her father. Later, they went to sell the cotton but the man saw his smooth hands and called the police. So they run away to the hotel.

9. Amelia Sass

While Long Boy was paying, Addie was waiting for him when she met with Culpepper. They left the hotel, when they met with the police. They did some questions and he denied all. But then Culpepper save them lying. While Culpepper was taking them, they discovered he was a fraudster. Culpepper or Major Lee told them a plan with (Amelia was rich when she was 12. Then she had a baby and she wanted to give her all the money. When she grow up she married with a bad man and Amelia didn’t saw her again. His daughter had a baby, Kate, but a hurricane hit the island and they died. Only Kate was alive, but Amelia never found her.) If Addie posed as the Amelia’s granddaughter they will be rich. She went to meet her “grandmother”

10. Addie tells the truth

She met her servant, Mayflower, who told her that her father didn’t let them to see each other. Also she met Amelia, and she thought she was a good person. One day, Amelia had to buy some beds to obtain money. Then, Addie notified Amelia was very poor because her nephew and a lawyer, who stole her a lot of money. So Amelia gave Mayflower her house because he wanted to die there. At that moment, Amelia was living in Mayflower’s house. Addie was worried about that and told her father. She wanted to help them.

11. Major Lee’s plan

Major Lee noticed Amelia hadn’t money. So he had a plan to teach Beau a lesson and help Amelia. She called Beau and told him he’ll become rich but he must help Mayflower. He must come to her house with the legal documents but at the moment he must pay the bills with his money. So now they could buy everything they wanted. Addie and Mayflower went to an automobile agency to buy a limousine for her. After that Addie said goodbye to them and returned to her normal life. Then they was going to Kentucky to do business.

Author: Joe David Brown; Publisher: Burlington Books

Genre: Narrative; Subgenus: Modern Fiction

Reading level: Medium;

Number of words: 600-900 HEADWORDS


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  1. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Interlinear

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  2. a mi opinion esta bastante bien podriais probar a poner mas libros de esta editorial como por ejemplo the castle of darkness o myths and legends

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